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"Thank you again for a super job and for your kindness in giving me so much help. I just called and ordered 6 more copies. I had ordered the originals for my grandchildren, but figured I had better get copes for my children also and 2 friends. The gentleman that helped me was very kind. My charge will be $... dollars but your service is well worth it. Thank you for your continued great service."

How It Works

Our process is very easy:

  1. First, become familiar with our services by reading the Beginner's Guide and Pricing Information.
  2. Select the format of your recording, either on the Pricing page or the Formats page.
  3. Select the appropriate options and add the item to your shopping cart.
  4. Follow the steps on the checkout page and complete your order.
  5. Ship your recording(s) to us using your preferred shipping method. [view our shipping tips]
  6. We get the transfer done and return everything back to you (including your original recordings).

It's that simple!