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"Your service has brought back wonderful Christmas memories for my family . My mom played this one particular Christmas lp since we were toddlers. When I was in High School (13 years ago) I taped the lp to a cassette for my mother because the record was so scratched and warped. Over the years the cassette tape also became distorted. My mom, myself, and my two sisters have been searching for the Christmas album for two years. While searching on the Internet, I came across your company. My husband talked me out of sending you the album last year. He said there would be no way you could record the album without all of the scratches and distortions. Finally this Christmas, I decided to give your company a chance. I am so glad that I did. My mom, my sisters, and I cried the night that we listened to the CD for the first time after receiving it from you. I can not thank you enough."