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Thank you so much....The restoration and transfer was so much better than I hoped for...I can't really express how amazing it is to hear my Mom's voice again....Thanks so much for your amazing service...You've brought so much joy to all who knew her.
Kathy Dunn, Skokie, Illinois
In 1950 my grandfather gave an Armistice Day speech that was broadcast over a local radio station. That station provided him with a 16” transcription of that speech. Due to its fragility and the warning that it would deteriorate significantly after just a few playings, to my knowledge it was never played. I checked locally and there was no one who could handle the 16” record. I did, however, receive a referral to your company. The quality of the CD transfer you provided was amazing. As my grandfather died one week after I was born, your company made it possible for me to hear his voice for the first time. Thank you CVC Productions for making this happen.
Sheila McClenathan, Bismarck, North Dakota
I received the cds today and I can't thank you enough. My Mom just passed away and hearing her voice talking to me when I was a baby was so special. We also are going to be sending you a few homemade records that we've found. I'll let you know when they're in the mail. Thank you again,
Bonnie Polis, Romeoville, Illinois
I would like to thank you for the superb work for the 16" Transcription. We are especially thankful for the faster turnaround time you provided, which was above and beyond the fastest selected option that we chose. Our 92 year old cousin was able to hear it before her serious decline. Also, I wanted to let you know that the History Center in Galveston (at the Rosenberg Public Library) was impressed with your work has some interest in contacting you at some point in the future. I am forwarding your information to them and hope they might agree to digitize their collection. Again, thanks for the fine work,
Carter Brown, San Antonio, Texas
I traveled the US and over seas with my show group and made several recordings during the 60s and 70s. I went through some of those 45records and they just were not playable due to being moved around. I really wanted to put them on cds for my kids and sent them to a couple of studios with very little luck i decided to send them to CVC and what i got back was hard to believe. The quality was as if they were new and then some. I cant say enough about what a remarkable job they did if anyone needs something dont look farther than CVC . You will be happy. Thanks CVC Gary Graham Recommend them to a friend and when they are done with their work you will still have a friend!!!!!!
Gary Graham, Missouri

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