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Thanks for your quick turnaround and quality service. Several old records (78 rpm) and old wire tapes were found in my mother's belongings after her death. Some 65 plus years later I had the privilege of hearing my parents wedding and my uncle's ordination service for the first time!
J D Swartley, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Wow! Very impressed with my first experience with your company. I had purchased a Laserdisc from eBay of the legendary harpsichordist Scott Ross, then considered a few businesses that do conversion. Yours was the only one not to say 'sorry, pal, we don't do PAL' (in fact, I found your website saying you welcome both NTSC and PAL Laserdiscs). Got your conversion to DVD and it's fantastic. Wonderful to know that even though this historic title was on an obsolescent format, you were able to transfer it excellently into something playable on modern equipment. Thanks a million!
Thomas Hubeart, Ft Lauderdale FL
Thank you for putting my 50 year old 45"s on a CD. I really appreciated you not cleaning them up. I listened to them originally in bars in Ghana where the sound system was terrible. They would not sound correct if cleaned up.
Tom Roberts, Albuquerque, NM
I have a 33RPM record of a musical performance that my high school produced 50 years ago. After my 50th high school reunion, I decided that I wanted to find that record and listen to those memorable songs. Since I no longer even own a turn-table, I needed it in the CD format. I mailed the record to CVC Productions and was delighted with the result!! The music sounds even better than I imagined! Thank you CVC Productions!! Great job and you had it back to me in just a few weeks. Outstanding job!! Tina Morgan, Northborough, Massachusetts
Kristina Morgan, Northborough, Massachusetts
I wanted a CD of the 33RPM childrens songbook that my Mom sent to my kids 40 years ago so I could pass it on to the grandchildren. Based my decision re transfer service strictly on the professionalism of the website and was not disappointed. There was a note included, warning me that the short gaps on the original made it difficult to separate the tracks which alarmed me. But in fact, all the songs are there and the quality is fine. I would definitely recommend CVC productions
Gisela Wintner, Warrington, Pennsylvania

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"I'm here to tell you, I have never had such customer service as I have had from you and your company. On the web or not. I am really impressed."