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"I received the album and cd yesterday. You did a great job and I have been spreading the word to my friends. In fact, I will be plugging your service on my homepage with my next update later this wekend. I was quite pleased with both the results and the speed with which you got it done. I was expecting it to take at least 3-4 was shocked you got it back so quickly. I will be putting together a couple tapes of songs I would like transfered to cds in the next week or two. Once again, let me thank you for the sample and I will definitely have some projects for you to work on in the future. Thanks again,"


Going through my late father’s extensive record collection, I came upon three “home recording” 78s of my dad on clarinet, his best friend on guitar, and with my aunt and uncle on a couple of sides singing and playing piano, all recorded in 1939. CVC cleaned them up and transferred them to a CD, which I ordered copies of for a very emotional Christmas present for my brothers and a cousin. It brought a tear to more than one eye. “Dad sounded as good as I remember,” said one.
Robert Entriken Jr., Salina, Ks.
Dear Dr. Coban: Delighted with your transfer of my 12 inch vinyl to two CDs which I received this morning. I have just returned from mailing another 12 inch vinyl for similar treatment, Your website tracking system is a great comfort to those of us who cherish these rare, older LPs from lesser known performers. Thanks so much. Thanks again for your meticulous audio craftsmanship. Charles G. Edwards
Charles G. Edwards, Dade City, Florida
Hi I just got my CD in the mail today of the wire recordings converted to CD and it sounds great. Hard to believe that something recorded 60 years ago could sound so good. To hear my parents and grandparents voices was quite a thrill. thanks
Rick Barie, Pittsburgh, PA
Dear Staff, I was completely satisfied with my 16 and 2/3 record transfer to CD. The quality was exceptional, considering that the records were from 1948! The entire process was very easy--from the ordering, to the packaging tips for sending my old records, and for the overall ease in communicating with CVC Productions. Thanks you for a job well done. I would highly recommend this service, especially knowing the care they take to please their customers. Barbara Demgen
Barbara Demgen, Dunedin, FL
CVC Productions: Thank you very much for the rapid service and excellent work in restoration of my January 16, 1949 Wilcox-Gay Corporation Coin Recordio-Gram and transcribing it to a current CD version. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was to hear the very clear speaking and singing voice of my then 16 year old but now deceased wife. My very heart felt thanks. You performed magic!
Bob Leme, Houston, TX

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