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"Thank you for the quality work on the lp's, the sound quality is excellent. I've been waiting about 15 years to hear those albums again (they are unavailable in any form, and were only made on lp briefly in 1984)."


CVC Productions: Thank you very much for the rapid service and excellent work in restoration of my January 16, 1949 Wilcox-Gay Corporation Coin Recordio-Gram and transcribing it to a current CD version. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I was to hear the very clear speaking and singing voice of my then 16 year old but now deceased wife. My very heart felt thanks. You performed magic!
Bob Leme, Houston, TX
Thank you for creating a wonderful DVD copy of a 33-year old laserdisc I thought I would never see again. And you provided outstanding service with email confirmations of each step. Now I will look for some of my other long-lost laserdiscs that have never been commercially released on DVD.
Brian B, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
I want to preface my review with a little history. The 8 track tape that CVC transferred the music from to a CD was approximately 36 years old. The last time I remember playing it was around 1984. In the meantime, it remained packed in a box and was eventually placed in the “antic shelf”. I did try to play it one time but my 8 track player did not work and the tape did not change tracks. The way I saw it, that was the end of that … I resigned myself to the sad reality that I would never ever listen to the London’s Cast original version of MAN OF LA MANCHA again … About six months ago I started searching on line for the London’s cast version of Man of La Mancha. I thought for sure that somebody was bound to have it. After three months of searching in vain, I gave up. It was over. All I had was an 8 track and after 36 years of just lying there, I thought the tape was all dried up and would not work anymore. A few months ago , I was searching on line for cds and I ran into by accident. I quickly clicked on the site and read all about it especially the testimonials. I must admit I was initially impressed. But as the old saying goes, “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.” It would take a minor miracle to transfer the 8 track material to a cd. But what the heck, what did I have to lose. If I sent the 8 track tape to CVC Productions and they could not work with it, all they would do was return it to me and say they tried but the 8 track was too messed up. After thinking about it for a while, I mailed the 8 track tape to CVC Productions. As I said, what did I have to lose. I really expected them to mail it back with a message saying, they could not work with it. Well, CVC Productions did mail it back. What I received, was the “minor miracle”. There were four cds enclosed, ( along with my 8 track tape of course). The cds came in a very very nice clear plastic jacket and the title of the music on the cd was burned into the surface of the cd. When I played the cd on my player the sound I heard was astounding. The sound was crystal clear and you could hear every sound like I was right there. My first reaction was, How can you do that? How could CVC Productions transfer the material from this beat up old 8 track tape to a cd? Well, they did and they did it with extraordinary style. The music is magnificent. It sounds better than the 8 track tape version. Now I can listen over and over to the music I thought I would never hear again , thanks to CVC Productions. CVC Productions is FOR REAL. I will start spreading the word about CVC to friends and family members. Their customer service is outstanding ( can you believe a real person answers the phone). If you think restoring music or transferring material may be impossible, give CVC Productions a try. Maybe they can help you, “reach the unreachable star … from the musical Man of La Mancha …”
Fred Saucedo, San Antonio, TX
When my wife was young, her parents played two albums of recorded bird songs for her at bedtime, as a way of lulling her to sleep. For all of our married life (32 years now and counting) my wife has told me about these LPs, which were published in the late 50s I believe. Well, not too long ago she managed to purchase rare copies of the LPs that were in fairly good condition. We sent them along to LP2CD and just received the remastered CDs back in the mail. To say that she is delighted would be an understatement. You have provided a time machine which transports her back to 1965. She is delighted, as am I. Thanks for providing this much-appreciated service.
Dave S, Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania
This company did a great job converting my laser disc to a DVD. They were very responsive and communicative. The pricing was reasonable and they were expedient in their handling of my order. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
M. L. Kennedy, Austin TX

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