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March 2016 I sent a 8" audio disc recording made in 1942 of my husband singing the Hansel part from Hansel and Gretel in his high school production at age 13. The homemade recording had deteriorated with scratches and extensive surface damage which made it impossible to play. But CVC was able to transfer it to CDs and capture listenable fragments of the vocal on the record which my husband and I much appreciate and can share with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren!
Cynthia peterson, Tucson, Arizona
I talked to CVC Productions about transferring my wire recordings to a Cd and I told you how about 30 years ago my dad took them to the Nebraska Historical Society and a man working there had just started transferring some other wire recordings to cassette tape. I was just a straight transfer with no computer enhancement of any kind. When I first listened to it I was actual surprised that when the people stood next to the microphone the sound was very good. I had never heard a wire recording before and I was not expecting much on something 37 years old. It was recorded during a specially held church service on a Tuesday evening for my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1949. the only problem was that with one stationary microphone, the people standing next to it the sound was very good but when someone stood up 8 or 9 rows back form the front of the church you could barely hear them. when I played for members of the family I always had to sit by my stereo with my hand on the volume control. when it came to those quite spots I would have to turn it almost all the way up. then when the next person started to speak next to the microphone, the pictures on my walls would actually start to rattle before I could get it turned down it time. The day I got your Cd's, I put them in my Cd player, turned it on and then sat there in AWE! I could not believe the quality of the Cd. If I had not heard the cassette tape before I would have had no idea that there had been a sound problem with the recording. The sound was of the same level and quality all the way through the Cd. I could not have been happier. Thank you so much for saving this tiny bit of family history for my family. Sincerely, Gerald (Gary) Eberspacher
Gerald Eberspacher, Milford, Nebraska
I just wanted to say thank you! I had an old laser disc transferred to a DVD. I had no idea if anyone even had a player anywhere. I searched online and your website came up. Online ordering was a little confusing, so I called to make sure I was ordering exactly what I wanted. The gentleman I spoke to on the phone was very polite and eager to help me. I had my order placed and was told to await my e-mail confirmation, to print that and send in with my order. I never received an e-mail so I called and they confirmed my order was placed and instructed me to send in my laser disc to be transferred. I sent it in and within a week I had my laser disc transferred to a DVD. My husband was ecstatic because he had been wanting NFL Rocks on DVD for years and I couldn't find it anywhere, so I thought I was getting lucky when I found a laser disc on eBay. I had no idea what a laser disc was, I thought the person selling it just didn't know what a DVD was. So I ordered it, and when it came and it was huge! I looked it up and found out I'm just a little too young to know what a laser disc was. My husband laughed at me because I didn't know. So I thought I was getting the wife of the year card, when in turn I got joke of the year. That was until I found CVC Productions and they were able to transfer it onto a DVD for me. I was skeptical at first, but beyond happy with the results! Super fast turn around as well. The DVD does not play in my husband's Xbox one, but it does play in our DVD player. But, this isn't the first video that hasn't played in the Xbox one. Thank you, One happy customer, Carrie Polhemus
Carrie Polhemus, Enterprise, AL
Am I delighted! We had all treasured a little 78 that Daddy sent his parents from Germany while in Army during WW2. The surface was trying to crack, so I knew I needed professional help to archive it to MP3, which might actually be impossible. In fact, Dr. Coban sent me an extraordinary MP3 that was more clear than when we played it a time or two 50 years ago. My hands shook as I packaged it for shipment. My sisters would never forgive me if it was lost or damaged. Such delight and relief! Thanks Dr. Coban!
Kathleen Rollins, Bullard, TX
Hello Christian, thank you very much for converting my reel to reel audio tapes from Vietnam to CD's. Listening to them is just like going back in time. Regards, JA
James Abbott, Deerfield Beach, Florida

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"I ordered the Color CD Cover and tracks list. When I first saw the CD covers I was surprised. They looked just like the big LP albums. The quality of the sound was also good!"