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Number SIDES submitted for transfer and restoration

For this type of Transfer and Restoration, pricing is PER SIDE (not per record).

  • Simply count the number of SIDES you want transferred and select the corresponding price.
    • Question: Do I count the sides I want transferred?
      • Answer: Yes.
    • Question: Do I count the records I want transferred?
      • Answer: No. You count the sides you want transferred.


  • A CD transfer project is maximum 80 minutes in length (the maximum length of a CD). 
  • Transcription SIDES vary tremendouslyin length. Some SIDES are less than 5 minutes, others are over 30 minutes.
  • If your transcriptions are full 1-hour broadcasts (at 33rpm), please do not select more than 2 sides per CD transfer.
  • You may order as many CD transfers as needed by simply adjusting the QUANTITY in the shopping cart.
  • If all submitted sides do not fit on one CD, we will make two CDs and charge for two transfer projects. Example: you selected 4 sides, for a total of 120 minutes.  Records will be put on 2 CDs and charged as two transfers (of 2 sides each). 



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