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"I received my album and the CDs that they were transferrred to yesterday. WOW! I can't get over how great they are. I have been playing the CDs and comparing them to my commercial Gilbert and Sullivan CDs. The CDs you produced are better than one analogue to digital CD, equal to the other, and comparable to the digitally recorded Cds. I get less and less impressed by things as I get older, but the job you did impresses me. The album you transferred to CDs has never been offered on CD, and probably never will. It was last offered as a vinyl LP in 1979. There are two companies that I know of that offer old Gilbert and Sullivan recordings transferred to CD. One is called 78s 2 CD, the other is called Sounds on CD. Before you delete the transfer you made for me, perhaps you would want to contact the people at these web sites to see if they might want to offer it as part of their inventory. It seems a shame to not have this version of this operetta offered to the fans of Gilbert and Sullivan music. I have one of the CDs from 78s to CD, and it does not compare to the CDs I received from your company. I have another Gilbert and Sullivan operetta on a double album that is in excellent shape and that was never offered as a CD that I will send to you so that hopefully you can transfer to CD with the same wonderful results as the one I just received. Regards,"

Select length (reel-to-reel transfers to CD)

Please click one of the lengths below:

Reel to reel tapes longer than 80 minutes
A CD can hold maximum 80 minutes. 
Tapes longer than 80 minutes will be charged as two (or several) transfers of appropriate length. 
Example: A reel 120 minutes in length will be put on 2 CDs (charged as two 60-minute transfers).

I don't know the length of my reel to reel tape

Most people do not know the length of their reel to reel tapes. This is not a problem. Make your selection based on a reasonable guess. When we get your tape at our studio we will determine the exact length and charge the correct amount based on our current prices. Even if you picked the wrong length, the CD will be made for the correct length and will be priced correctly. We will transfer to CD (and charge) for the amount of time that the tape is RECORDED. We do not transfer (and charge) for what is left unrecorded on the reel to reel tape (blank tape, tape hiss). If the tape is longer than you selected, we will transfer to CD (and charge) for the entire recorded reel to reel tape.

Based on your reasonable estimate, please click one of the lengths above.