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"More Thank-Yous Than I Can Count. You did a fantastic job converting my 30 year old LP. I'd searched for years trying to replace it, but found that it is no longer available anywhere, in any format, at any price. And then I found your web site. The CD you created sounds better than the LP did when it was new! And you duplicated the album cover to perfection for the CD insert. I was a bit worried about letting that precious one-of-a-kind record out of my clutches. But your web site tracking system confirmed when you'd received it and kept me informed about each step of the process, right through to shipping it back to me. That was one of the most significant, value added services you could have provided...a comfort level that you were taking good care of my memories. I can't thank you enough. You took one of my fondest childhood memories of Christmas from that old LP and saved it. My entire family can enjoy it for decades to come, thanks to you. You have a loyal customer and big fan... I'll recommend you unhesitatingly. Bless you all!"

Select length (reel-to-reel transfers to CD)

Please click one of the lengths below:

Reel to reel tapes longer than 80 minutes
A CD can hold maximum 80 minutes. 
Tapes longer than 80 minutes will be charged as two (or several) transfers of appropriate length. 
Example: A reel 120 minutes in length will be put on 2 CDs (charged as two 60-minute transfers).

I don't know the length of my reel to reel tape

Most people do not know the length of their reel to reel tapes. This is not a problem. Make your selection based on a reasonable guess. When we get your tape at our studio we will determine the exact length and charge the correct amount based on our current prices. Even if you picked the wrong length, the CD will be made for the correct length and will be priced correctly. We will transfer to CD (and charge) for the amount of time that the tape is RECORDED. We do not transfer (and charge) for what is left unrecorded on the reel to reel tape (blank tape, tape hiss). If the tape is longer than you selected, we will transfer to CD (and charge) for the entire recorded reel to reel tape.

Based on your reasonable estimate, please click one of the lengths above.