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"I received my album and the CDs that they were transferrred to yesterday. WOW! I can't get over how great they are. I have been playing the CDs and comparing them to my commercial Gilbert and Sullivan CDs. The CDs you produced are better than one analogue to digital CD, equal to the other, and comparable to the digitally recorded Cds. I get less and less impressed by things as I get older, but the job you did impresses me. The album you transferred to CDs has never been offered on CD, and probably never will. It was last offered as a vinyl LP in 1979. There are two companies that I know of that offer old Gilbert and Sullivan recordings transferred to CD. One is called 78s 2 CD, the other is called Sounds on CD. Before you delete the transfer you made for me, perhaps you would want to contact the people at these web sites to see if they might want to offer it as part of their inventory. It seems a shame to not have this version of this operetta offered to the fans of Gilbert and Sullivan music. I have one of the CDs from 78s to CD, and it does not compare to the CDs I received from your company. I have another Gilbert and Sullivan operetta on a double album that is in excellent shape and that was never offered as a CD that I will send to you so that hopefully you can transfer to CD with the same wonderful results as the one I just received. Regards,"

Audio Restoration Examples

Listen how we turn scratchy, hissy, crackly recordings into clean, fun-to-listen-to CDs!

To play these examples you must have an MP3 player installed on your computer (easiest way is with Windows Media Player). A properly configured computer will instantly open the sound file.

Click on the Before, After or Combination icons to listen to the files (there are More Sound Restoration Examples to listen to).

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Musical Examples/Comments
I Ain't Gonna' Tell   This is an example of an older recording that was in fairly good shape to begin with, but the restored version shows a more full sound when the music is not competing with as much noise. I Ain't Gonna' Tell - Before - MP3
I Ain't Gonna' Tell - After - MP3
Letter from WW2 -  In this military example a heavy restoration process is used so that the spoken words become more intelligible although the sound is slightly dulled. Letter from WW2 - Before - MP3
Letter from WW2 - After - MP3
Chinese Opera -  This is an example of Chinese Opera recorded in the 1930s on homemade records. When the family brought these to us they were not even sure there was anything on them. Now they have been able to preserve an unusual art form. Chinese Opera - Before - MP3
Chinese Opera - After - MP3
Cowboy Ballad  - This record was in very bad shape and the signal was weak. Not all of the loud pops were eliminated but the sound was restored to a more normal level. Cowboy Ballad - Before - MP3
Cowboy Ballad - After - MP3
Mercedes Valdes  - A great deal of hiss and crackle was on this recording but most of the noise was eliminated and the music becomes much clearer. Mercedes Valdes - Before - MP3>
Mercedes Valdes - After - MP3
Music from Sudan -   This very interesting example is a homemade recording made in Africa. The musical treat is revealed after restoration with only a slight dulling of the sound. Music form Senegal - Before - MP3
Music form Senegal - After - MP3
He's Our Al - (BONUS - complete song) The old campaign song featured here was mired with pops and cracks that once removed revealed a treat from the past. He's Our Al - Before - MP3
He's Our Al  - After - MP3>
Texas Jim Lewis Band  - (BONUS - complete song) This 1950's yodeling LP was in bad repair and although some pops remain the final result is much more enjoyable. Texas Jim Lewis Band  - Before - MP3
Texas Jim Lewis Band  - After - MP3
History of Jazz  - (BONUS - complete song) An old jazz standard is returned to near perfection and becomes a treasure to enjoy. History of Jazz  - Before - MP3
History of Jazz  - After - MP3
Ernesto Duarte   - (BONUS - complete song) This LP contained a lot of background noise, but was salvaged with little trace of the original scratches and crackles. Ernesto Duarte  - Before - MP3
Ernesto Duarte  - After - MP3

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The following examples are Before/After Combinations. The example switches back and forth between "Before" and "After" restoration. The first two switches will be indicated by a bell-like tone. See if you can hear the other switches yourself!

Musical Examples/Comments
Vaudeville  - This recording had so many cracks and pops it was very difficult to hear the male vocalist. In the restored version only a minimal amount of noise remains
Gonna' Dance -  Here is another example with pops and cracks that virtually disguise the music. In this example see just how much noise can be reduced, however some noise must remain in order to retain the music. Gonna' Dance - Combination before/after - MP3
Ave Maria -   On this original recording the music is barely audible through all the noise on the record. Once restored it becomes clear and pleasant to listen to. Ave Maria - Combination before/after - MP3
WW2 sweetheart letter -  This "audio letter" from a soldier at war to his sweetheart at home shows how it is possible to restore a memory that was destined for further degradation.  WW2 sweetheart letter - Combination before/after - MP3
The Four Lambs -  This 4-part male vocal ensemble was a treat to discover once the signal was strengthened and most of the background noise deleted. The Four Lambs - Combination before/after - MP3

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Want to listen to some more Before/After examples? See the More Sound Restoration Examples page.