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Sample Restoration

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Number/Size Restoration Samples What's this?
Price: $34.95
(AS LOW AS $25.51 See below)

Spend $100-$249.99, save 6%
Spend $250-$499.99, save 12%
Spend $500-$999.99, save 17%
Spend $1000-$1499.99, save 22%
Spend $1500 and up, save 27%
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This ordering item is ONLY for sample(s) submitted digitally (by email or upload/download).

You may order Restoration Samples for any type of Audio Restoration service we provide (regular Sound Restoration, Forensic Restorations or Professional Audio Restoration).


  • Please initiate correspondence with us in order to receive an estimated time of completion and so that our email system will accept your sample(s).
  • Please make your segmant(s) of the length you have selected (plus or minus 2 seconds).
  • Let us know the total length of the audio to be restored and what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Please ONLY submit uncompressed audio (not MP3 or any other compressed format).
  • We will return (by email or upload/download) our audio restoration sample as per estimated time of completion.
  • We will also return our evaluation plus a cost and delivery timeframe estimate for restoring the entire audio (audio must have similar problems and will receive similar processing).
  • The sample provided may not be used as "final product" (will be watermarked).


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