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"I recently sent you a recording found in my parent's belongings after their deaths that was dated 1945. The recording was made in New York City by a 19 year old young man (my father) to send to his sweetheart (my mother) before he was shipped overseas to Okinawa during world war II. He was in Okinawa for two years (one year during the battles for Okinawa and another year as part of the occupational forces) during which time my mother only had this recording of his voice to play during her times of loneliness. I did not know what was on the recording but wanted to preserve same as part of my family history. To say that I am thrilled with your restoration has to be the understatement of the century! Not only did you preserve the voice of my best friend (my dad) but you preserved for my family a most sentimental poem my father wrote and read to my mother on this recording, not knowing if he would ever see her again. He wrote several poems for my mother and grandmother during the war, but after the war, he never again wrote any poetry. The recording was in very poor shape and was recorded on a very cheap celluloid appearing material that the gem razorblade company apparently provided for the men being shipped overseas to send to their sweethearts. You restored and preserved for my family a voice from the past, almost 55 years ago, that will be cherished and passed down from generation to generation. I must also thank Cristian Coban for a most professional job demeanor and for constant e-mails advising me of the progress with my one recording as though this single compact disc were the most important job that your company has ever done. I especially was touched by the e-mail after hurricane Floyd, reassuring me that my original recording was still safe in your hands. My experience with your company has been most rewarding and I have never dealt with a company with such superior customer service. I would highly recommend your company to anyone needing restoration services and intend to do so. Thank you for a most pleasant experience."

Wire Recording Transfers to CD

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Number WIRES (total length MUST be less than 80 minutes) What's this?
1 to 5 Extra CDs What's this?
MP3 CD What's this?
Price: $68.95
(AS LOW AS $50.33 See below)

Spend $100-$249.99, save 6%
Spend $250-$499.99, save 12%
Spend $500-$999.99, save 17%
Spend $1000-$1499.99, save 22%
Spend $1500 and up, save 27%
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  • Wire Recording transfers processed as "Transfer Only" are NOT RECOMMENDED. Wire Recordings have a lot of "hum" and recorded levels are not optimized. Transfers "with Sound Restoration" clear up the Wire Recording quite nicely and optimize levels.
  • We only accept wires compatible with the "Webster Chicago" system (approx. 2.25 inch hub diameter and 2.75 inch outside diameter). If the spool has these dimensions, the wire is compatible regardless of the brand name printed on the reel. Please do not submit wires that are encapsulated in a shell or have spools of other dimensions.

Wire Recordings to CD Transfers - What you get for your $:

  • Playback and recording on mint condition "antique" equipment that is extremely hard to come by.
  • Playback and recording is frequently monitored by sound engineers.
  • We will attempt to correct wire playback problems (entanglements and wire breakage); these conditions will incur Recording Fee(s).
  • Sound Restoration is applied if selected (one sound restoration setting for entire CD, Individual Restoration Units for restoring tracks individually avaialbe as an Option).
  • An MP3 CD of this project (if selected).
  • CD is cut into tracks by human beings who know where a new track should begin.  We do not use automatic cutting into tracks.
  • Music recordings: each song gets 1 track (minimum unambiguous pause required).  Continuous speech recordings: cut into logical segments, approx. 10-minute long tracks.
  • CD is printed (we do not use glued-on labels).
  • CD is quality checked.
  • CD is delivered in "classic jewel-case" (with optional Color CD Cover and Track List).
  • Over 22 years experience - 19,000 successful projects.
  • On-line tracking system.
  • Automatic email notifications on receipt of your recordings and order check-out.
  • Optional RUSH Services: 1 week or 72 hours turnaround time
  • A CD holds maximum 80 minutes. We will put on one CD as many wires as possible. If two (or three) wires do not fit on one CD, we will make two (or three) CDs and charge for two (or three) transfer projects. Example: you selected "3 short wires", but they play 60 minutes each. Wires will be put on 3 CDs and charged as three wire transfers.
  • Please do not send in wires that are tangled up or wires that appear to be in bad shape.
  • Please open the wire box and make sure that the wire has one clear beginning.  If you can not find one clear beginning of the wire (or the spool has several beginnings) we will not be able to record the wire.
  • Please do not send in wires that are not properly spooled. A wire needs to be properly spooled by the machine in order to be playable. If a wire was spooled by hand, it will not be playable. 
  • We ask our customers to be aware that, due to the condition of the wire (such as wire that is twisted or has many "knots") the wire may become hopelessly entangled on our wire playback machine. This is a VERY unlikely scenario (it happens only about once every 5 years or so). It is more likely to happen after we have recorded everything on the computer, at rewind (the wire plays through twists and knots at slow playback speed, but "jumps" upon fast rewind). If the "hopeless entanglement" happens after we have recorded to computer, no audio information will be lost and everything will be transferred to CD. In any such case we will not be held accountable for wire entanglements as this is due to the condition of the wire. Please do not submit wires if you are not willing to take this chance.