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"I would like to thank you for the superb work for the 16" Transcription. We are especially thankful for the faster turnaround time you provided, which was above and beyond the fastest selected option that we chose. Our 92 year old cousin was able to hear it before her serious decline. Also, I wanted to let you know that the History Center in ..."

Add one more video or bonus track to this video transfer

This option has a dual purpose:
  • Video sources. Add a second (third or fourth) video source of the same format to a video transfer, for a total of four video sources.
    • Example #1: I have two 30-minute videos. I have selected the video transfer length 60 minutes and "Add 1 more video or bonus track - total 2". Great, that will work! We'll put both videos in this 60 minutes transfer. 
    • Example #2: I have two 2-hour videos. I have selected the video transfer length 180 minutes and "Add 1 more video or bonus track - total 2". Unfortunately that will not work. Two 2-hour videos (4 hours) will not fit on one 180-minute (3-hour) video transfer. Two video transfer projects will be produced, charges for two 120-minute video transfers apply.
  • Bonus tracks. For DVD conversions from PAL to NTSC, in addition to the Main Feature, you may add one, two or three "Bonus" (or "Extra" or "Special Feature") tracks to your transfer.
    • Example: I am converting my PAL DVD to an NTSC DVD. There are two bonus tracks on the PAL disc I would also like to have on my NTSC DVD. I have selected the DVD PAL to DVD NTSC conversion and "Add 2 more video or bonus track - total 3". Great, that will work! Your NTSC DVD will contain the main feature and the two bonus tracks you selected.

REMEMBER: The combined length of all video sources (that also applies to DVD main feature and bonus tracks) must fit the video transfer length you selected.



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