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"About Beta to DVD conversion: My wife and I have experienced the thrill of our life, seeing our now 22 year old daughter and 18 year old son's collection of infant birthday parties, transferred from the now extinct Beta Tape format, to crystal clear DVD. It was hard to hold back the tears of joy seeing these forgotten videos. It brought back so ..."

Additional Restoration Version

Additional Restoration Versions are suggested if:

  • You would like two (or three) versions of your audio restoration: a very light restoration version (to preserve more of the original sound) and a another version with "Maximum Noise Reduction".
  • You may order a maximum of three Restoration Versions. You must describe in detail what you would like accomplished. 

After reading your instructions, we will process the information, compare with the actual recording and have final discretion as to what we can technically accomplish. Restoration versions are "final".




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