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Select length (Audio Soundtrack from Video to CD)

Note: Under this category and pricing we transfer to CD: audio only soundtrack from LaserDiscs, VHS or Beta tapes.

Please click one of the lengths below:

Sound tracks longer than 80 minutes
A CD can hold maximum 80 minutes.
Sound tracks longer than 80 minutes will be charged as two (or several) transfers of appropriate length.  
Example: A video soundtrack 120 minutes in length will be put on 2 CDs (charged as two 60-minute transfers).

I don't know the length of my video source

Many people do not know the length of their video. This is not a problem. Make your selection based on a reasonable guess. When we get your video at our studio we will determine the exact length and charge the correct amount based on our current prices. Even if you picked the wrong length, the CD will be made for the correct length and will be priced correctly. We will transfer (and charge) for the amount of time that a video tape is RECORDED. We do not transfer (and charge) for what is left unrecorded on the video tape (blank tape). If the video is longer than you selected, we will transfer (and charge) for the entire length of the video.

Based on your reasonable estimate, please click one of the lengths above.


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