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Pricing for Audio Transfers to CD

Disc formats:

Tape formats:

Other formats:


Additional Restoration Versions

You ordered a Transfer Only and now you realize that you should have ordered a Transfer with Sound Restoration. Or you ordered a Restoration, but you would like another version with less (or more, or different) noise reduction. Within 60 days of first order you may order:


Audio Restoration Samples (for Forensic and Professional Restorations)

This ordering item is ONLY for sample(s) submitted digitally (by email or upload/download).
You have digitized audio that has some problems you would like cleaned up. Perhaps a Forensic Restoration, or a Professional Audio Restoration job. You would like to get an idea of what we can do with your audio and compare with your own capabilities (or what other studios can do). We will be happy to produce a Restoration Sample, and submit our evaluation plus a cost and delivery timeframe estimate for the entire job.