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Tape Segment Plays Backwards

  • We determine the track layout of the tape; we start recording
  • Suddenly we realize that the track layout of the tape was changed and now the tape is playing backwards.
  • Each backwards playing segment breaks the recording and needs new adjustments. Tape recorded with travk layout changes and backwards playing segments require more work and studio time (and cost more) to produce.
  • We will fix all tape segments that play backwards we detect. There may be backwards segments (somewhere in the middle of the tape) we may not be aware of. The fact that fees were charged in order to improve flaws on the tape does not guarantee that there are no remaining flaws in the recording. We will be happy to work on remaining flaws if they are all pointed out (by location: minute: second). We will charge our standard rates for a new project (described on the Web site) and add costs associated with fixing imperfections.

You do not need to select Tape Segment Plays Backwards you are not aware that the tape has segments that play backwards.  We will deal with the problem if needed, perform necessary work and charge for work performed.



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