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"I was amazed and completely satisfied with your work. I was apprehensive about sending my treasures through the mail to someone I did not know and through a process I had never seen. I carefully selected this music between 1965 and 1970. Even with high qualify playback equipment I could hear the wear taking place in the records. It's hard for ..."

Enhancement-Restoration orders: Before/After video

This option is reserved for customers placing a "Video Transfer Enhancement Restoration Upscale" order.
  • This option may only be used at the time when placing an order for a "Video Transfer Enhancement Restoration Upscale".
  • The option is NOT available for stand-alone order.
  • This option is NOT available for DVD transfers or for RAW transfers.
  • We will produce a split-screen Before/After video of a portion of your video. This segment will start from the beginning of your original material (but after logos and credits are done rolling).

What will you do?
  • We will produce a split-screen Before/After video of a portion of your video. This segment will start from the beginning of your original material, after logos and credits are done rolling.

What will this Before/After video look like?

  • It will be a split-screen, with the Before (original look) as the left half of the screen and the After (cleaned up, enhanced, restored look) as the right half. A thin line separates the Before and After sides. Take a look at our Video Enhancement Restoration Upscale to 4K UHD Gallery to see what the Before/After screen will look like.

Where will I find this Before/After video?
  • The location of the Before/After video depends on what delivery format you have selected.
    • Authored video Blu-Ray. The Before/After video will be located at the end of the disc, after the main feature. To get there quickly, step through all the Chapters (skip...skip...skip ...) until you get to the end. Depending on your Blu-Ray player, the last "skip" will either be the Before/After segment or not. If pushing skip no longer skips, fast forward the last bit and the Before/After video will start playing.
    • Data files - HEVC file on data Blu-Ray, HDD, SSD or SD card. The Before/After video is named with a "_bef_aft" suffix.

These Before/After videos are very interesting to watch. If you are technically or photographically inclined, a 5-minute segment may seem short. 

  • We offer the Before/After video in 3 lengths. Order the length that will best suit your needs:
    • 5-minute length
    • 10-minute length
    • 15-minute length


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