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"I have just finished listening to a CD that was produced from a 78 rpm record created in 1954. The contents are songs performed by a quartet of Welsh singers, one of which was my father. It was the first time that I had heard the music that has been kept by my mother since it was first recorded. It was all the more meaningful to me because my ..."

Standard Rush Audio (1 Week Processing)

1 week check-in to check-out

  • Example: check-in at our studio on Tuesday, check-out the following week Tuesday
  • Only 1 audio transfer project may be processed with this RUSH service


  • Only the following formats qualify for this RUSH service:
    • Home Made Records, Studio Produced Records, 78 rpm Commercial Releases, 16 and 17 inch Transcriptions, 12-inch singles, Dubplates, Edisons discs, Vertical cut records, Wire Recordings,  8-Track tapes if repair needed (complicated repairs that take longer will void Rush ordering)



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