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Time Machine Copyright Notice

  • The music presented on this site is copyrighted by various copyright holders.  We acknowledge all these copyrights and make no claim of copyright ownership.
  • Visitors: you may listen to this music but you are not authorized to keep the music files.  If you would like your own copy of any of this music you must purchase the recordings from an authorized outlet.  
  • No fees are charged for accessing music on our site.  This music is not sold in any form.
  • The music on this site is presented for the following purpose:
    • To illustrate our restoration work. All the music presented on this site came into our studio for sound restoration and transfer to CD. Most of this music came to us recorded on obsolete formats. Much of it came with audible flaws we have corrected.
    • To increase the public's awareness of the need to preserve our sound recordings for future generations.  Great music that has not achieved "hit status" will gradually disappear if it is not transferred to a medium that is suitable for long-term storage (such as CD's).  Our site demonstrates that restoring and transferring recordings to CD's is accessible to anyone.
    • There are people who think that their old recordings (stored in the attic) are junk. Our presentation would like to give them food for thought: some of that "junk" might be priceless.  It could be the last surviving copy of a lost recording, or a great performance by an artist that never achieved fame.  Some clients told us that they threw away lots of music they thought they will never be able to play again.  Only to find out that they could have preserved it.  
  • The music on this site is presented at reduced fidelity. Although adequate for "casual" or "documentary" listening, it is sub-standard by any broadcasting or publishing standards. Anyone interested in this music will have to go through proper channels and purchase the music.
  • No entire albums are presented on our site.
  • We present on our site many works that are forgotten. Copyright holders therefore have to gain from the exposure we offer them.  In fact, many copyright holders have contacted us in the past and thanked us for the work we do. If you are the legitimate copyright owner and would like to promote your work (link to your website) on the page with your musical example, we will be more than happy to do so. If, on the other hand, you would like us to remove your work, we will comply immediately.