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"Took years to find the out-of-print album I was searching for. I hadn't even opened it, it was factory sealed. Had never used you before, so a lot of trust was involved. Two perfect cds, plus my album was back in my hands in days. Super job. Can't wait to use you again. Thanks, "

DVD Case/Slim Case, Simple Graphics/Enhanced Graphics

Selecting Simple Graphics and Enhanced Graphics for DVD Copies

  • The DVD Copy type (Simple or Enhanced Graphics) must match the type of master we have already prepared.

Selecting the tape of case the DVDs are put in

  • DVDs in Slim Case
    • Printed DVD in slim jewel case only (no insert)
    • Question: Why get a DVD Copy in slim case? 
      • You get the DVD copies at a lower price and in a box that takes less space to store.
  • DVDs in DVD Case
    • Printed DVD in a traditional-style DVD case with insert.



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