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Select DVD length for DVD conversions

Our DVD transfer/conversion service is limited in scope.

  • We comply with all copyright requirements.
  • In order to comply with copyright requirements we are providing a limited conversion service:
    • We will accept for conversion PAL DVDs (foreign format) for conversion to NTSC DVDs (American format). This is in order to make available for viewing in the USA of videos purchased in other countries and that are not available in NTSC (American) format.
    • We will accept for our Enhancement-Restoration-Upscale to 4K-UHD service both PAL and NTSC DVDs. This is in order to make available for higher quality 4K UHD viewing of more obscure DVDs that have not been (and will never be) remastered, restored and released in 4K.
    • We will not accept for processing copyrighted NTSC DVD to be copied/duplicated to another NTSC DVD.
    • We will only make extra DVD copies for family videos (NOT for copyrighted material).
    • Only the "main feature" (movie, show, documentary) will be converted. We will not convert the entire DVD structure and all the extras.
    • For PAL DVD to NTSC conversions we will keep one set of subtitles. The Enhancement-Restoration service will not contain subtitles.
    • Optionally, you may add ONE, TWO or THREE "Special Features" (or "Extra" or "Bonus") from the original DVD to the project, such as a documentary, "the making of", "bloopers", or similar.
    • The Menu system of the original DVD will NOT be converted.
    • Material that appears to be rented will NOT be accepted. If we receive rented material for conversion, we will forward it directly to the proper authorities.
    • If we believe that our service is being misused for the purpose of copyright violation, we will alert the proper authorities.
    • This service is not meant to circumvent purchasing a DVD in the proper format. We will not re-engineer and release an illegal copy of a DVD or a video.
    • Exemptions to the above limitations will not be granted.
  • The  following two services are not offered for DVD transfers, please do not order:
    • Broadcast-quality DVD transfer - not available - please do not order
    • Video transfer to RAW video file - not available  - please do not order

  • Please make sure that the video material you submit for transfer is in perfect working condition and plays correctly. We do not accept and are not able to repair scratched, cracked or otherwise defective DVDs. Some DVDs may play with skips or other tracking issues. If the DVD you submit plays with defects, such defects will be present in the transfer we produce.

-> Please click one of the lengths below


I don't know the length of my DVD

  • If the length is not marked on the jacket, it is not a problem. Make your selection based on a reasonable guess. When we get your DVD at our studio we will determine the exact length and charge the correct amount based on our current prices. Even if you picked the wrong length, your video transfer and conversion will be made for the correct length and will be priced correctly.
  • We will transfer (and charge) for the amount of time that the main feature of a DVD is RECORDED with ANY type of material. This includes previews, advertising, test patterns, test tones, interesting or uninteresting material, and such.
  • IMPORTANT: If the DVD you submit was recorded for longer than what you selected when you placed your order, we will consider that as an oversight on your part and we will NOT STOP the transfer abruptly at the exact minute up to which you placed your order. Instead, we will continue processing the video transfer and charge accordingly.

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