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"WOW!! I was so excited to find this service. A dear friend of mine had told me of an album he really enjoyed years ago. Unfortunately the album was no longer in print, but through the Internet I was able to obtain a copy. As a gift, I wanted to have it transfered to CD. CVC, you guys are incredible! Being able to track the progress, and, then, ..."

Beta SP (Betacam SP) Transfer (1-30 minutes)

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We accept under this category and pricing: Beta SP (Betacam SP) tapes (small cassette or large cassette).

  • NOTE:  
    • NTSC Only. We accept Beta SP (Betacam SP) tapes ONLY in the NTSC format (used in North America and Japan).
    • We only transfer from Beta SP to DVD. We do not offer a transfer service going the other way (from DVD to Beta SP).
    • There are several other professional Beta formats we do not support; please make sure the tape you send in is indeed Beta SP (Betacam SP).

For Beta (Betamax) tapes used in home VCRs (consumer format Beta tapes), please see Beta / Betamax.
For other type of Beta, please see: Super Beta (High Band Beta)ED Beta (Extended Definition Beta)


The video and audio quality of the DVD transfer is identical to the video source supplied: if the video source looks great, the DVD will also look great.

Beta SP / Betacam SP Tape 
Transfers to DVD:

  • DVD Transfer Type
    • Simple Graphics transfer: DVD and DVD case jacket are printed in black and white (no pictures).
    • Enhanced Graphics transfer: DVD and DVD case jacket will be printed in full color, with a picture scanned from the Beta tape case or a picture you supply. Alternatively, we can extract a picture from your video.
    • The quality of the DVD transfer is the same for both Simple Graphics and Enhanced Graphics. The difference is in the appearance of the DVD and DVD case jacket. The Enhanced Graphics transfer is really pretty!
  • Add one more tape to this DVD
    • You may add a second (even a third) Beta SP tape to a DVD transfer.  They must fit the DVD length you selected.
    • Example #1: I have two 30-minute tapes. I have selected the DVD length 60 minutes and "Add 1 more - total 2 tapes". Great, that will work! We'll put both tapes on this 1-hour DVD.
    • Example #2: I have two 2-hour tapes. I have selected the DVD length 180 minutes and "Add 1 more - total 2 tapes". Unfortunately that will not work. Two 2-hour tapes (4 hours) will not fit on one 180-minute (3-hour) DVD. Two DVDs will be made, charges for two 120-minute transfers apply.
  • Data DVD - MP4, YouTube, AVI (standard definition)
    • MP4 Data DVD for editing is a high quality format used for Video Editing. Here are the specs: Format: MPEG-4 .mp4. Video codec: MPEG-4. Audio codec: AAC (Advanced Audio Coding).
    • Data File for YouTube is a custom made file produced specifically for upload on YouTube. If you have specific requirements (such as maximum file size or frame size) please enter them in the "Additional Information" box on the "Checkout" page.
    • AVI File - I include specs is a custom AVI video file made to your specs. Specs (frame size, data rate, etc.) must be entered in the "Additional Information" box on the "Checkout" page. If no specs entered, we will make high quality AVI at same frame size as original.
  • Format to make DVD (NTSC or PAL)
    • We can produce the DVD in NTSC format or in PAL format (if you will use the DVD in another country).


  • The DVD will contain exactly the same material as the master. We are not able to edit or transfer only portions of a tape. Tapes are transferred in their entirety, DVDs are charged for length transferred.
  • Please only send tapes in formats we support, and in working condition. If we set up to transfer a video tape and it turns out the tape is in the wrong format or blank or damaged or unsuited for producing a DVD, we will not make a DVD. Instead, we will charge a "Setup Fee" plus return shipping and return the tape unprocessed.