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"Just a note to say GREAT JOB putting my 2 lp's on cd. Both were old and both had some serious damage. I hardly even notice the parts where the damage was. Neither record was replaceable, and I figured it was hopeless; but you made them both enjoyable again. I can't thank you enough. Again, GREAT JOB"

Extra DVDs in slim case

The DVD Copy in slim case will have the printed DVD (which will look exactly like the master DVD) inserted in a slim jewel case (there will be no insert).

  • Question: Why get a DVD Copy in slim case?
    • Answer: You get the DVD copy at a lower price and in a box that takes less space to store.
  • Select "1 Extra DVD Copy" if you would like one extra DVD of the transfer you are ordering.
  • Select "2 Extra DVD Copies" if you would like two extra DVDs of the transfer you are ordering.
  • The type (Simple Graphics or Enhanced Graphics) must match the type ordered for the master transfer.


    To order more than 1 or 2 Extra DVD Copies, please click




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