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How To Send It

We recommend that you use a professional packaging and shipping service such as Mail Boxes Etc., The UPS Store, Kinkos (FedEx), etc.

If you prefer to do it yourself, here are some packing tips.

First, some DON'Ts:

    • Shredded paper (paper shredding machine waste)
    • Any hazardous materials, such as fiberglass
    • Wood shavings of any kind
    • Please only use non-toxic and non-messy materials, such as foam peanuts, bubble wrap, air bags, crumpled paper, etc.
  • When placing your recordings in bundle and taping it, think of what it will take for us to cut throught the tape to get to the recordings. We can only cut using sharp blades. Please think:
    1. How close would you like a sharp blade to come to your record? Are you taping too close to the record?
    2. How long will it take us to surgically cut the bundle to get to your records? Are you overtaping?
  • Do not pack and send records in pizza-box containers. They will bend and crack.
  • Do not simply place records or LaserDiscs in padded envelopes. They will bend and records will crack.
  • Do not send small recordings (microcassettes, minidiscs, etc.) in paper envelopes (like the ones used to pay bills). They may tear open and we may receive only an empty envelope.
Now some packing suggestions:
  • The classic: Double Box
    • Put the records in the first box
    • Use filler to make sure that the records will stay stacked and will not shift in transit
    • Close and tape the first box
    • Put this box in a second, larger box
    • The US Post Office sells a 20x14x10 box, office supply stores carry similar boxes
    • Use filler on all sides in such a way that the inner box does not directly touch the outer box
    • This method will protect your recordings from shocks and punctures
    • Write on all sides of the package: FRAGILE Musical Recordings DO NOT DROP
    • Enclose an itemized list of the recordings

  • The Sandwich
    • Stack your records.
    • Wrap them TIGHTLY in bubble wrap (the kind with large bubbles).   Make sure you cover all edges.
    • You now have a sandwich: bubbles on the outside, records on the inside.
    • Use a box that is larger than your sandwich.
    • Spread a layer of "peanuts" filler.
    • Place the sandwich on the filler.  Now cover with "peanuts".  Make sure that the sandwich does not directly touch the box.
    • Write on all sides of the package: FRAGILE Musical Recordings DO NOT DROP
    • Enclose an itemized list of the recordings       

  • The Pancake
    • Stack your records.
    • Put two pieces of thick cardboard on the top and bottom of the record stack.  The cardboard pieces should be slightly larger than the records.   Wrap tightly.
    • Use a cardboard box that is still flat, NOT formed into a box (or if it is already formed into a box, open the flaps and flatten it.
    • Tape the box on three sides.  Now you have a pancake box, with one side open and three sides sealed.
    • Stuff the pancake with some filler, then your records (protected by cardboard), and more filler.  Make sure the record stack does not directly touch the pancake.
    • Write on all sides of the package: FRAGILE Musical Recordings DO NOT DROP
    • Enclose an itemized list of the recordings

UPS Shipping Advisory:
Based on our own experience and feedback we are receiving from our customers, at this time we are recommending to our clients to avoid using UPS.
We do this reluctantly - there are many fine people working for UPS. We base our recommendation on the following: 
  • Reports and evidence of rough handling
  • Poor or irresponsible deliveries
  • Inferior customer support provided by undertrained (and probably underpaid) personnel
  • Complete lack of representation and accountability at the local level. UPS policy is to never give out local phone numbers.
We will withdraw this recommendation when UPS will change its policies and the way it handles packages.
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