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I traveled the US and over seas with my show group and made several recordings during the 60s and 70s. I went through some of those 45records and they just were not playable due to being moved around. I really wanted to put them on cds for my kids and sent them to a couple of studios with very little luck i decided to send them to CVC and what i got back was hard to believe. The quality was as if they were new and then some. I cant say enough about what a remarkable job they did if anyone needs something dont look farther than CVC . You will be happy. Thanks CVC Gary Graham Recommend them to a friend and when they are done with their work you will still have a friend!!!!!!
Gary Graham, Missouri
Hard to believe you can take a 45 year old 45 record and make it sound new. But you did and many thanks for the excellent service! Thanks Gary.
Gary Graham, Sedalia, Missouri
You converted an old LP to CD's for me recently. I'm very impressed with the quality of the cleaned up recording. It sounds amazingly like it did 45 yrs ago! Thank you so much! This was an LP with great sentimental value, so didn't want to take chances with it being damaged or lost somewhere in the process of being mailed or copied. Your detailed mailing instructions, & careful documenting of where it was in the clean up/recording process was greatly appreciated. I highly commend your company for it's professional work & results. Thank you again! Shirley Burkhalter, Owatonna, MN
Shirley Burkhalter
Thank you for doing an amazing job transferring a 1947 record to the disc. So happy we found your company! The sound quality was fantastic; the turn around time was very fast and the price most reasonable. Great job!
Suzanne Friedman, Plantation, FL
I was completely blown away by the quality of the work you performed on these very old (70+ years), home-made 78rpm records. I had not tried to even play the records for decades because the last time I tried it was impossible to hear much of anything but the scratches. I realize that a couple of them were not able to be fully restored - that is completely understandable. What amazed me was the clarity and lack of scratches on the finished product. I would certainly recommend your service to anyone who wants to restore and old record.
David Palermo, Amarillo, Texas

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"Just to let you know I am delighted at the transcription of 30 + of my LPs to CD."