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Individual Restoration Units

The regular Sound Restoration service provides one (1) restoration per CD. This works best if the material to be restored has similar characteristics for the entire CD. 

  • Individual Restoration Units provide individual restoration setting and additional sound engineer time.
  • If your CD includes recordings from different sources (such as several 78's, or several tape recordings, etc.) one restoration can not possibly bring the best out of each recording. Restoring each source individually is recommended (one Individual Restoration Unit per source).
  • For rare or unique recordings request an Individual Restoration Unit for each song, or at least for each source.
  • Home made records (78 or 33 1/3), USO records, vintage and Studio records are very noisy and take A LOT longer to restore. An Individual Restoration Unit is built into the price of each such transfer. For better results, you may purchase an Individual Restoration Unit for each side/track. In some cases (extremely faint recordings, recordings with playback problems, with repeats or skips, etc.) we will add the necessary  Individual Restoration Units to achieve an acceptable level of improvement in sound quality.



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Customer Testimonials
"Thank you for restoring my long-play album to a CD. The sound quality is great. The long-play album was recorded by one of my former students about 25 years-ago. Thank you, again."