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"The original record I had sent was a very old, scratchy, out of print record that our family listened to years ago every Christmas Eve. It was especially played for my Italian grandmother who died in 1983. I cannot describe the emotion in the room when I played the new CD for my parents, now close to 80 years old. The memories were so good, and ..."

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Please click on a question below and the answer will expand. If you don’t immediately see the question you are looking for, use our powerful search facility (the box with “search our site…“) above. If your question still isn’t answered, by all means Contact us. There is also a Knowledge Base for Video Transfers.

Unfortunately we are not able to ship for the cost of postage. A customer spends a considerable amount of time and care packing recordings to send to us. You will agree that we have to spend at least an equal amount of time when we perform the operation in reverse. The difference is that at our end, "packing and shipping time" is performed by an employee, therefore it is "billable" time (packing and shipping costs are not buried into the cost of performing the audio transfer). For larger orders, please also notice the "discount" -$xxx deducted from total order cost. Think of this discount as a rebate, designed to offset return shipping costs.
Please go to our PRICING page and (at the bottom of the page) look for "Audio Restoration Samples (for Forensic and Professional Restorations)". Click on the link and you will see the options we offer for Audio Restoration samples. Although we are happy to provide Audio Restoration samples, there is a cost for each sample option. Audio Restoration work requires time and skill, therefore we are not able to offer free Audio Restoration samples.
If the record skips on your turntable, it will skip on our turntable. If the needle skips forward, the music skipped over can not be recovered. If the needle skips in place (repeats) we can push it lightly by hand. At that point it may skip over some music, and that can not be recovered. The scenario also involves editing out the repeats, which adds to the processing cost. As to cost, each intervention on our part (to stop the needle from repeating, push needle, then edit out repeats) will incur an "Individual Restoration Unit" ("IRU"). Even if we charge IRUs for fixing detected tracking errors, that does not guarantee that there are no discontinuities left in the recording (because the needle skipped FORWARD, over some music). Also, the "Transfer with Sound Restoration" price assumes that once we put the needle down the record will play correctly and we do not need to sit by the recording and listen to the entire recording at least twice. To listen to the entire recording (twice), detect and attempt to fix all flaws, we will have to apply our Studio Rate. In that case, the cost (depending on how much fixing needs to be done) may run in the range of $310 - $500 for a typical 40 minute album.
Based on our experience over 20 years+ with thousands of LP recordings, an LP from 1972 will benefit from the "Sound Restoration" service. The difference in sound quality is tremendous, using the "Sound Restoration" option is highly worthwhile.
It is NOT possible to link an older order with an account created subsequently. We will, however, send automated emails upon receipt of your materials and when we ship completed order.
This refers only to non-copyrighted material. Yes, we keep files on computers for 60 days. You may either go back to our web site and place an order for "Extra CD copies". Or, If you will be using exactly the same shipping and billing info (including the same credit card), you may let us know by return email how many extra CDs you would like and we will append everything to your previous order.
We will be happy to arrange for hand delivery at our studio if the total order amount is $300 or more. For smaller orders we do not offer a "hand delivery" option.
For Audio transfers, our average turnaround time is 2-3 weeks processing time at our studio.
Total cost depends on the options you select. It is simple to create your own estimate. Simply add the type of transfer (and options) you desire to the shopping cart. The shopping cart will calculate everything. No purchase is necessary.
I would most definitely use "Transfer with Sound Restoration". 30-year old recordings, even when sealed, have many imperfections that can be eliminated or considerably reduced by our Sound Restoration process. There is also the "Both Versions" options. Most people in your situation (with your dilemma) order Both Versions. That way they will get both; a CD that sounds EXACTLY the same as the vinyl record, and a CD with Sound Restoration.
You are probably referring to a product made by another company. Our business is audio and video transfer services.
Although we will be able to digitize your 8-track 1/2 inch tapes we will NOT be able to run them through DBX decoding. There were many versions of DBX, all obsolete and difficult for us to keep up with. Even within the same DBX version, slight differences of calibration between the recording machine and playback machine would produce undesirable results. Therefore we decided not to offer DBX decoding. We will still be able to digitize your 8-track tapes, without running through DBX.
Yes, we will be able to transfer your 16 inch record. You will find pricing and complete information under 16-inch Records (Transcriptions) (33 1/3 rpm or 78 rpm, such as "U.S. Armed Forces Radio Service" broadcasts).
Yes, we accept orders from UK.
We use top quality equipment for the entire playback and recording chain. Due to the success of our business and the fact that many others would like to copy it, the exact composition of our equipment and techniques are proprietary information that we are not able to disclose. Because of the quality of our service (including equipment and techniques) our clients worldwide are extremely satisfied, as can be seen from the multitude of testimonials we receive every day (please see our TESTIMONIALS page)
Certainly! Currently we have customers from all continents (except Africa and Antarctica). Our ordering system will accept orders from any country that has a postal service (or is serviced by FedEx or UPS). To find out the return shipping cost, simply enter the transfer you would like done in the Cart. The cart will quote all shipping options available, select the service you prefer.
It is not important for you to know the number of tracks. Simply place the order for the transfer of your choice.
  • If there is a clear pause between songs, we will cut 1 track for each song. We include in the base price of our transfers the first 18 tracks. If there will be more than 18 tracks per CD, we will process the correct "Extra Tracks over 18" charges.
No need to add the repair fee to the Cart. If the tape will need repair, we'll add it here (and process the charge correctly). If the tape does not need repair, there will be no repair fee.
In other words: mixing down 6 songs from 8-track master to stereo. There are complications associated with mixing down an unknown multi-track master.
  1. Track layout is unknown to us (we would have to generate a track layout). Which may change from song to song.
  2. Relative levels will have to be determined for tracks, as to mix down into a "pleasing" manner. This may change from song to song.
  3. A "pleasing" mix may be hard to guess without the client listening in.
A much more practical solution is to use our RAW Audio Transfers service (24/96 and 16/44 digitizing service). With this service, we will transfer all 8 tracks perfectly synched as raw audio data files in WAV, AIFF, FLAC or Broadcast Wave Format. Each track (1 through 8) on the tape becomes a soundfile (1 through 8) on the data CD/DVD. You will then be able to import the sound files in your editing program and do the mixing and sound processing locally.
Yes. For complete information, including pricing, please click here: 8-track tape.
Yes. We are experienced transferring glass-based records.
Yes, these records fit our "Home Made Records" category. For complete information, including pricing, please click here: Home Made Records.
Yes, these records fit our "Edison Red (plastic) discs" category. For complete information, including pricing, please click here: Edison Red (plastic) discs.
Yes, these records fit our "Home Made Records" category. For complete information, including pricing, please click here: Home Made Records.
Yes. We convert 1/2" 8-track tapes as RAW AUDIO TRANSFERS (24/96 transfers and 16/44 transfers) - digitizing service. For complete information, including pricing, please click here: 1/2 Inch 8-track reel-to-reel.
Yes, these records fit our "Home Made Records" category. For complete information, including pricing, please click here: Home Made Records.
Unfortunately we are not able to offer a "while you wait" record transfer service. The quickest turnaround service we offer is EXTREME Rush Service (Saturday included) - 72 hours check-in to check-out including Saturdays. Local drop-off is available for orders $300 and up.
  • I recently ordered 4 lp conversions, and for at least two of them I realize I should have gone ahead and asked you to clean the recordings up. If I now would like you to do it, what do you need from me? Do you need the disks back? Do I need to resend the lps? How much would it cost per album?
  • You can use a service item we call "Additional Restoration Versions". For complete information and prices, please click here: Additional Restoration Versions.
  • I have an old (and small) 78 RPM disc of me singing a song that my father recorded of me in about 1952 or 1953 on one of these old "cut your own" record machines that you'd pay a dollar or two, go inside a booth and record....whatever; this one having been located at National Airport in Washington, D.C. at the time. The disc is approximately 6" in diameter, recorded on one side, and the length of the song was about 15-30 seconds if memory serves me correctly. The quality was never very good, and I'm sure that it's diminished with age. Can you work with something like this, and if so can you give me some idea of price.
  • Yes, we processed many of these records in the past. It fits our Automat Recording Machine records (or "Home Made Records") category. For complete information and pricing, please click here: Automat Recording Machine records.
The degree to which such recording can be cleaned up "and capture some of the words/sounds" can not be predicted, based on a generic description. It all depends on how much information is actually recorded. If the audio information is simply NOT there, no matter how many filters are applied, the end result will not be much better than the starting point. On the other hand, if the audio information is there, but is is "masked" by a continuous noise (or sound), reducing the masking noise may improve intelligibility. Only by working on the recording, and trying "this and that", "and a bit more of this and that" we can see what happens.
As we are an Internet based business (and not a storefront operation), we are not able to accept drop-offs for orders less than $300.
Yes, our CDs are cut into tracks by human beings who know where a new track should begin. We do not use automatic cutting into tracks. For our "regular" transfers each song is cut into an individual track ("thrifty transfers" are cut into one track). We need a "minimum unambiguous pause" between songs to know where one song ends and another one begins. A "Medley", where songs run into each other, will be cut into one track.

The problem with "lining up" broken records and playing back is the abnormal (grinding) wear on the 78rpm stylus we use for playback.

It costs $200.

Playing one such record will grind and wear down the stylus to where we have to buy another one. That is why we do not accept records with cracks (or records where the parts can be lined up). If the record is of critical importance, we will accept it and bill you for a "disposable" needle ($100).

Pricing for a 10 inch 33 1/3 record depends on the type of record.
First, please place an order (select the format of your recording, either on the Pricing page or the Formats page, select the appropriate options and add the item to your shopping cart). Then read our "How To Send It" page for shipping tips, use your preferred carrier and ship your records to: CVC Productions 2757 Park Royal Drive Windermere, FL. 34786. Our normal turnaround time for audio transfers is 2-3 weeks.
Yes, we transfer and restore the sound of this type of recordings. We classify this type of recordings as "home-made-records". Yes, all 4 records can go on the same CD. Here is the link to our information page that includes pricing: Home-Made-Records Restoration to CD.
We work directly from the original records (not from a transfer made by someone else or by continuing an already started project). We use professional methods, equipment and tools. If the records are "shot" and there is insufficient audio information left in the recording, the results will be commensurate. At any rate, it is not possible (and may be misleading) to predict the exact outcome of a difficult Sound Restoration.
Yes, we transfer and restore the sound of this type of recordings. We classify this type of recordings as "home-made-records". Here is the link to our information page that includes pricing: Home-Made-Records Restoration to CD.
We will be happy to work on your restoration project. Please select the Format of the original recording for pricing information. We work directly from the original records (not from a transfer made by someone else or by continuing an already started project). It is not wise to engage in "predictions" (as to what our restoration will sound like), or "comparisons" (as to how our restoration will compare with restorations performed by others). As with every order we process, we will use the best technology and expertise available.

Question: We have 2 [Voice-O-Graph] old records we tried playing on a turntable, but they wouldn't track. One had Voice-O-Graph on both sides. The other had Voice-O-Graph on one side and Woodside Park, Philadelphia, Penn. on the other side.

Answer: Yes, we are used to a certain amount of trouble with playback of recordings such as yours, but in most cases we are successful in transferring them to CD. Should you decide to send them to us for transfer to CD, here is the info page (with pricing and other info): Home-Made-Records Restoration to CD