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"I would like to thank you for the superb work for the 16" Transcription. We are especially thankful for the faster turnaround time you provided, which was above and beyond the fastest selected option that we chose. Our 92 year old cousin was able to hear it before her serious decline. Also, I wanted to let you know that the History Center in ..."

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Please click on a question below and the answer will expand. If you don’t immediately see the question you are looking for, use our powerful search facility (the box with “search our site…“) above. If your question still isn’t answered, by all means Contact us. There is also a Knowledge Base for Audio Transfers.

Unfortunately we do not offer 3/4" video transfers to DVD.
Yes, we can transfer your Beta SP NTSC tapes to PAL DVD. For complete information (including pricing) please click here: Beta SP / Betacam SP transfers. For shipping information to France, after you add your transfer to Cart and enter your address you will get return shipping quotes for all major delivery services. Simply select the one you prefer.
Our conversions to DVD are an exact copy of the original tape submitted. We do not perform any editing. If your question is in general (if a crying baby sound could possibly be edited out), this really depends on the skills and equipment of the person doing the editing, how the tape was shot, how the sound was recorded, etc. The immediate answer that comes to mind is "NO", but who knows, there are several variables.
Video restoration is outside the scope of our business. Video Restoration is expensive and not always effective, and is usually undertaken by major studios for high budget DVD or Blu-Ray releases. What we specialize in (and are very good at) is transferring old formats to DVD without any loss of original quality.
Video enhancement and video restoration are outside the scope of our business. What we specialize in (and are very good at) is transferring old formats to DVD without any loss of original quality.
If the tape is stuck in a broken VCR and you can not get it out (or the tape is broken), unfortunately NO, we will not be able to transfer it. If you are able to take the tape out of the VCR and the tape is not broken, then YES, we will be able to transfer your tape to DVD.
Yes. For complete information (including pricing) please click here: LaserDisc (LD) Transfers. On that LaserDisc ordering page, for the option named "Data DVD - MP4, YouTube, AVI ", please select your preferred format.
We do not transfer film to DVD. We only transfer video tape and disc formats to DVD. For a list of the video formats we transfer to DVD please click here: Video Formats Transfers to DVD.
We can put up to 3 tapes of the same format on one DVD. Use the option "Add one more tape to this DVD" on the video format page. The total length of all tapes to go on one DVD must be less than 180 minutes. For DVD Length, select the combined length of all tapes you intend to put on one DVD.
Yes, after completion all original tapes are returned along with the new DVDs. Please also see: How It Works.
Yes, we can. For complete information (including pricing) about our PAL DVD to NTSC DVD conversions, please click here: PAL DVD to NTSC DVD.
Yes, we do. We offer the largest quantity discounts in the industry! For complete information please click here: Quantity Discounts.
We convert up to 180 minutes (3 hours) per DVD. For complete information about our VHS to DVD transfers, please click here: VHS and VHS-C transfers to DVD.
  • Transfers from VHS to DVD do not experience a "generation loss". They look on the DVD exactly as they look on the original VHS tape.
  • Transfers from miniDV to DVD are kept completely in the digital domain. The DVD looks exactly as the original miniDV tape.
We use the best possible equipment available in the industry and extremely high quality cables. Exact equipment list and studio configuration is proprietary information (company policy for over 20 years). This policy has always worked very well for us. Our thousands of customers (many of which are repeat customers) find that the quality of our services fits very well their needs.
Certainly! Currently we have customers from all continents (except Africa and Antarctica). Our ordering system will accept orders from any country that has a postal service (or is serviced by FedEx or UPS). To find out the return shipping cost, simply enter the transfer you would like done in the Cart. The cart will quote all shipping options available, select the service you prefer.
Copying Video DVDs is not a simple task and can not be accomplished like copying other files on the computer. There is not one file that makes up a DVD. The Video DVD structure is a made up of several folders and files. That is how Video DVDs are created. This is a complicated technical issue and most casual computer users fail when trying to make DVD copies. That's why we suggest ordering additional copies from us at the time the initial transfer order is placed. As described on our web site, we are not able to provide technical suppoprt, warranties or assistance for further duplicating the DVDs we produce.
Yes. Dolby Surround information is retained in the audio soundtrack of the DVD we produce and can be decoded by your sound processor.
We only transfer from Beta SP to DVD (not in reverse: from DVD to Beta SP).
We are extremely concerned with complying with copyright laws. Because of that, we do not produce DVDs from downloaded files.
Subtitles on the DVD will be burned onto the image, exactly the same way the original video plays. There will be no synchronization issues.
Yes. To see a picture of what the Enhanced Graphics Package DVD and DVD Case liner will look like, please click here: DVD Transfer Packages (description and pictures).
LaserDiscs are not manufactured any longer. I am not aware of any company that offers a LaserDisc recording service. Perhaps you can still locate a working "LaserDisc Recorder" + blank discs.
  • For a description of how to order a transfer, please click here: How It Works.
  • For information about LaserDisc transfers (including pricing) and to place your order, please click here: LaserDisc (LD) transfers.
Generally speaking, no, we do not transfer only a portion of a tape. The time spent on cueing tape back and forth and finding start/end points costs more than what we make on the transfer.
  • EXCEPTION: if you cue up tape to your desired starting point and tell us to record EXACTLY so many minutes. Please mark tape CLEARLY and give clear instructions. In that case, we will start transfer EXACTLY where the tape starts and will stop it after number of minutes specified (regardless of if the fact that the number of minutes specified may stop the recording in the middle of something).
Tapes longer than 180 minutes will be put on 2 DVDs, each DVD about half the total length of the tape.
We do not repair VHS tapes. "Spliced" video tapes will damage the video rotating head of the playback machine. For that reason we do not accept spliced tapes if done "at home" or improperly.
The best way to get a price is by use of our web site. For miniDV transfers, on the Pricing (or Formats) page simply click on: miniDV and DV. Select the DVD length and any other options) and add to the shopping cart. The shopping cart will calculate everything for you (including return shipping by your preferred method). If you do not want to order, simply do not complete the ordering process. Nothing will be charged.
We only transfer FROM Beta SP. We do not offer a transfer service TO Beta SP.
Here are the links for answers to your questions:
  • We can transfer Beta tapes (consumer format Betamax) recorded in Indonesia to American (NTSC) DVDs. For complete information (including pricing) please click here: Beta / Betamax tape transfers.
  • On that page, the option named "Data DVD - MP4, YouTube, AVI", select "Make MP4 Data DVD for Editing".
The DVD we produce will be an exact copy of how the LaserDisc was produced. In this case, letterbox widescreen. We find that it is preferable to produce DVDs faithful to the original master. Squeezing the image to anamorphic proportions and adding the "wide screen" flag would not add anything to the picture quality. Instead, you will end up with a DVD that has been manipulated and is no longer a faithful transfer of the original master. The TV does all of that anyway with a click of a button, plus you will have a DVD that is faithful to the original master.
Sony Video Cassette KCA - 60K tape is a U-Matic video format tape. U-Matic is not a format we support at this time.
Here's the link to prices for VHS transfers 1-30 minutes in length. For converting to AVI file for uploading to YouTube, under the option "Data DVD - MP4, YouTube, AVI", please select "Make Data File for YouTube".
Here's the link to prices for LaserDisc transfers 61-120 minutes (1-2 hours) in length. For eliminating the blackout gap when you flip sides, please select the option called: "Eliminate Pause Between Sides".
Yes, we convert from TAPE formats (and LaserDisc) to DVD. For a list of video formats we convert from, please click here: video formats. When you click on a format, you will see the pricing, as well.