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"Just a note to say thank you so much, for doing such a great job ! My husband and I made this 8-Track tape in 1975, which was 35 years ago. We had given up on trying to get it restored, and then I found your website. Now, we can give copies to our children and grandchildren. It turned out much better quality than we could ever have hoped for. ..."

Time Machine – 1930s – Andrew Sisters – South American Way – MP3


From Album

Andrew Sisters

South American Way



The Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen and his orchestra. From the Musical Production “Streets of Paris”. A “garage sale” find. The record was in advanced state of wear. Great music!
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  1. South American Way
    from the Musical Production “Streets of Paris”
    by The Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen and His Orchestra
    Decca Records

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