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"I think you did an outstanding job. It's hard to believe you were able to take forty year old, paper based records, and get such good sound out of them. I'm sure those records were not designed to last 40 years, so you obviously had to do a lot of work to get them to sound that good. If you were ever looking for an example of what your ..."

Time Machine – 1940s – Bing Crosby – Baia – MP3


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Bing Crosby




Bing Crosby, Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra. From Walt Disney Production “The Three Caballeros”. A “garage sale” find. The record was in an advanced state of wear. Great music!
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  1. “Baia” (aka “Bahia”, one of brazilian States) was writen, in 1931, by ARI BARROSO, great brazilian composer (remember the famous “Aquarela do Brazil”). He was an “Oscar” nominée for best soundtrack in Walt Disney pictures.

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