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Time Machine – 1940s – Bing Crosby – You Belong to My Heart – MP3


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Bing Crosby

You Belong to My Heart



Bing Crosby, Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra. From Walt Disney Production “The Three Caballeros”. A “garage sale” find. The record was in an advanced state of wear. Great music!
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  1. Same song in Spanish is “Solamente una vez…” Very popular in Mexico. My absolute favorite.

  2. I saw this Disney movie when I was a small girl and loved the music. This has always been one of my favorite songs. What a joy to be able to hear it on the Internet. Thanks a million!!

  3. The first time I heard the song was when my 86 year old mother sang it to my 89 year old father the night before he died in November. What makes it more dear to me and my family my mother died a few days after my father. I discovered it on the web site which also gave your email address. It is such a beautiful song!

  4. The original Spanish title of this song is “Solamente una vez” [Only once]. The composer and lyricist are Lara and Gilbert. I have no other information about it, but the song is featured in the double-CD album “Latin Sounds of the Past” available from Collectors Choice Music.

  5. You Belong to My Heart
    from Walt Disney Production “The Three Caballeros”
    by Bing Crosby and Xavier Cugat and His Orchestra
    Decca Records

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