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Time Machine – 1940s – Bobby Hackett – With a Song In My Heart – MP3


From Album

Bobby Hackett

With a Song In My Heart

Trumpet Solos


This is an album from 1946. It is the sweetest sounding cornet you’ve ever heard!
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  1. As far as I know Bobby Hacket played a cornet instead of the mentioned trumpet. It has the same tube-length and thus the same range yet the “bore” is different and this gives a different sound. If possible please inform me if I’m wrong. Apart from this I liked your site keep up the good work there can’t be enough jazz around.

  2. I just listened to Bobby’s solo of “With a Song in My Heart” and I have goose pimples. What a great musician he was and what pleasure he brought to so many of us. Do you think his sound was better than Bunny Berigan? They were both great, but I was just wondering.

  3. Have a couple of albums of his, one a Christmas album. I met him during one of his last tours, always loved his music. His group had so many changes though, too bad. If you like will provide you the name of the trumet player on the albums, of course. He also had a sax player who was out of this world, Buddy Freeman. He had a long career, ending during the 70s I believe, am not sure. Am a member of those living during the forties, and memory is not too swift – ha.

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