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Time Machine – 1940s – Frankie Carle – How Deep Is The Ocean – MP3


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Frankie Carle

How Deep Is The Ocean

Cocktail time with Frankie Carle


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  1. In looking for more music by Frankie Carle, I came across your inquiry about How Deep Is The Ocean. I have a CD The Golden Touch Of Frankie Carle 24 Irving Berlin Hits. One of the pieces on this CD is a medley: How Deep Is The Ocean/They Say It’s Wonderful. I also have another CD with a similar name, Frankie Carle At The Piano-The Golden Touch; but this is an entirely different CD. Since I bought the first CD I mentioned, I have never seen it listed anywhere again. I hope this information was of help to you.

  2. I own a piano built in the 1890’s that came with a hand written history that it belonged to Frankie Carle and was in his home at Lake Arrowhead. I’m hoping to find picture of him with it. I am the 4th owner of the piano. Would like information about the “lake” tapes.

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