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"The laser turn table transfers you made for me are exceptional in quality. The 60 year old diamond cut studio albums were well worn and dirty when I sent them to you. I knew that a laser scanning turn table was the only way to save the music on these old albums. I was not disappointed. The fidelity and sound reproduction was exactly as if the ..."

Time Machine – 1940s – Radio Newscast – September 25, 1947 – MP3


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Radio Newscast

Newscast date: September 25, 1947

16 inch Transcription


Life after W.W. II: President Truman calls upon the American people to eat less extravagantly and asks housewives to pass up the choice cuts of meat. The Cold War is heating up: the United States is trying to block commie countries from joining the United Nations; commies and anti-commies blow each other up in Italy.
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