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"I just wanted to let you know that I received the restoration of my Doc Severinson album, "Tempestuous Trumpet", and I am thrilled with the quality. What a great job you did!!! This album was from the 1960s. I haven't listened to it in years because I no longer have a record player, and it was never released on CD. I can't stop playing it. It ..."

Time Machine – 1940s – Sammy Wolfe Quartet – Peace In The Valley – MP3


From Album

Sammy Wolfe Quartet

Peace In The Valley




Do you want to hear what this track sounded like before restoration? BEFORE restoration
There is incredible charm in this performance. A feeling of peace and purity hard to find today. The group was active in Virginia and had semi-professional status. The records were “lost” and not listened to for decades.
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  1. In regard to the old 78’s on your website by the Sammy Wolfe Quartet ,they were from Charleston,West Virginia not Virginia.They were my uncle and aunt sam & louise Wolfe and my grandfather Ted Bostic and my Uncle Albert Bostic.
    A few years back my aunt had 6 of these old 78’s, we are trying to locate them and see about having them all restored. She died 2 yrs ago in her 90’s .

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