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"I was completely blown away by the quality of the work you performed on these very old (70+ years), home-made 78rpm records. I had not tried to even play the records for decades because the last time I tried it was impossible to hear much of anything but the scratches. I realize that a couple of them were not able to be fully restored - that ..."

Time Machine – 1940s – Sammy Wolfe Quartet – We Will Outshine The Sun – MP3


From Album

Sammy Wolfe Quartet

We Will Outshine The Sun



Do you want to hear what this track sounded like before restoration? BEFORE restoration
There is joy in this fine performance. Joy inspired by the story and the joy of singing 4-part harmony. You can tell by listening to this song that these people really liked singing. The group was active in Virginia and had semi-professional status. The records were “lost” and not listened to for decades.
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