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"I have recently received the CD transfer order I had submitted and thought I would pass along my comments. I admit that I had no idea what to expect with regards to the quality of the end product. My assumption was that you would perform some noise reduction and do what you could to make other sonic improvements dictated by the limits of the ..."

Time Machine – 1940s – Young man going to W.W.II – Poem – MP3


From Album

A 19-year-old young man preparing to be shipped out to W.W.II

A poem to his sweetheart

78rpm recorded by U.S.O. on February 21, 1945


This is a REAL piece of history!
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  1. The recording was made in New York City by a 19 year old young man (my father) to send to his sweetheart (my mother) before he was shipped overseas to Okinawa during world war II. He was in Okinawa for two years (one year during the battles for Okinawa and another year as part of the occupational forces) during which time my mother only had this recording of his voice to play during her times of loneliness.

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