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Time Machine – 1950s – Harry James – Fair And Warmer – MP3


From Album

Harry James

Fair And Warmer

The New James


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  1. This tune came out in the mid-1950s on an unusual venture for the James Band – an album of California smooth jazz. The rest of the album is superb. There were only about two arrangers on the album – I remember one was named Ernie Wilkins. Never heard of Ernie since. Some years later I discovered several of the tunes on the album were used for background music on a Jerry Lewis movie. Maybe it was the Bellhop movie, can’t remember exactly. “The New James” was my first Jazz LP when I was growing up in Dallas in about 1954, and I wore out the original and a copy over the years. I have been waiting patiently for the album to be recut on CD – any chance of that? It is a forgotten classic.
    P.S. After writing you a note laying out my memories about “The New James” album and the “Fair and Warmer” track, I did some web searching, and I found the album on CD, along with review notes. came out in 1957/58. So much for my childhood memory of dates – only off three years. I did remember Ernie Wilkins, though. Other arrangers in that sequence of albums included J Hill and Neal Hefti! The review described the charts as reminiscent of Basie. I guess Basie was going through a California Cool period then, too. The CD is one of seven in a complete Capital recordings set of the Krupa and James bands. $112 and worth every penny, so thanks for getting me started finding my stand-out Christmas present.

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