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Time Machine – 1950s – Paul Petersen – Little Boy Sad – MP3


From Album

Paul Petersen

Little Boy Sad

Lollipops and Roses


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  1. Paul Petersen was a “child” star on TV’s “Donna Reed Show” in the late 50s-early 60s. Shelley Fabares played his sister. The track “Little Boy Sad” was released in 1962 and had charted 2 years earlier as recorded by Johnny Burnette.

  2. Paul Petersen had a number of hit records with starring in the TV series “The Donna Reed Show”, along with Shelley Fabres. Some of his more notable songs were, “She Can’t Find Her Keys”, “My Dad”, “Lollipops & Roses” and “The Cheer Leader. He also recorded a song titled “She Rides With Me”, which was produced by Brian Wilson(Beach Boys fame) in 1964. This caused Brian some more trouble with Capital(he was signed with them- and had already had a “riff” with Cap Execs over giving the song “Surf City” to Jan and Dean, the year before. Petersen was signed with Colpix (subsidiary of Columbia) at the time!!

  3. Stu Phillips, who wrote the book, “Stu Who?” in 2002, was the record producer for all of Paul’s recordings, as well as the producer for Shelley Fabares. The album, “Teenage Triangle” and also one called “Bye bye birdie” was recorded in the 60’s, as well. These both had Paul, Shelley and James Darren singing!
    Paul is the founder and president of “A Minor Consideration”, which helps child stars, past and present. He has worked so hard to help these kids…for the last 15 years. He is married to a wonderful lady…Rana Platz-Petersen, who works at Warner Brothers and is involved with safety issues on all the sets of movies and tv shows. Hope this gives you more insight!

  4. Stu Phillips was the musical director for Paul, Shelley, James Darren and several other young stars. Later he wrote “The Monkees” theme song and other TV theme songs, including “The Donna Reed Show”. If you want some interesting reading about these and many other singers, purchase “Stu Who?” written by Stu Phillips. Great book!!!

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