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""WOW!" is what I say about your service. I had been searching for a song for over 15 years; found it via a 45 and sent to you. When I arrived home this evening and saw your box in my mailbox, I immediately walked into my home, dropped my keys and put on your CD. It is astounding what you have done! I had not heard my song for the 15+ years ..."

Time Machine – 1950s – Randy and the Rainbows – Debbie – MP3


From Album

Randy and the Rainbows


C’mon Let’s Go!


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  1. The drummer (Roger Chaffe) works in the with me in New York City. As a matter of fact I only discovered it last week when he asked me if “Denise Denise” was on an oldies album I bought at a computer show.

  2. Recently saw your cross reference with Randy & The Rainbows looking for information on “Debbie”. I am a member of the group that recorded the song for Ambient Sound Records, a custom label of CBS (Columbia/Sony) around 1982. The song was part of the “C’mon Lets Go” album and the B side of a subsequent single. “Debbie” was an original song presented to the group to record in the style of our hit “Denise”. This album was one of 5 released by the label (Jive Five, Capris, Harptones, Mystics, Rainbows). We recorded new and covers of contemporary tunes in each group’s individual style. All albums were cut “live”. (band and vocals simultaneously). The albums received great critical acclaim nationally but were not comercially successful. Sony has in the last few years done a compiliation of the best of each group’s cut on CD. “Debbie” was recorded in the final (3rd) session and the group believes we were able to capture the ‘ambience’ of “Denise” at that session. If you need any further information , don’t hesitate to ask.
    p.s. Hope you can help me in restoring some old acetates of the group.

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