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Time Machine – 1950s – The Playmates – Beep Beep – MP3


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The Playmates

Beep Beep

Murray the “K’s” Sing Along…


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  1. Your sample doesn’t sound like the original 1958 hit but it DOES sound like the original artists. It’s probably a remake. Beep Beep was released 11/10/58 and was on the Billboard charts for 12 weeks, peaking at #4. The Playmates consisted of Donny Conn, Morey Carr, and Chick Hetti from Waterbury, Connecticut. They solidified their act at the University of Connecticut. All this information (and more) is available in the book “The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits” by Joel Whitburn, ISBN 0-8230-7632-6.
    Since you also deal in songs prior to 1955, another very valuable resource is the book “Pop Hits 1940-1954”, also by Joel Whitburn. The ISBN is 0-89820-106-3.

  2. I’ve found some info on The Playmates who did the song “Beep Beep”. Here is a quote fron the liner notes of the double CD “Dr. Demento – 20th Ammiversart Collection”: ‘The Playmates (Donny, Morey and Chic) came from Waterbury, Connecticut, had hits with straight ballads(“Jo-Ann”) as well as novelties, and were once known as The Nitwits.’
    Hope this helps any!

  3. Hit the top 40 on the Billboard charts June 9, 1958, made number 4, and was in the top 40 for 12 weeks. Concerns a race between a Cadillac and a “little Nash Rambler”. The song refers to the 1st american sub-compact – Nash Metropolitan
    As posted to the AMC mailing list by Chris Weigant:
    Here’s the lyrics. They start painfully slow, dragging each word, and speed up with each verse. By the end, it’s a very fast tempo. I assume from the chart info that was already posted that it’s a tribute to the 1957 Rebel, but I’m just guessing…

    Beep beep Beep beep
    His horn went beep beep beep

    While riding in my Cadillac What to my surprise A little Nash Rambler was following me
    About one-third my size The guy must have wanted to pass me out
    As he kept on tooting his horn

    I’ll show him that a Cadillac Is not a car to scorn

    I pushed my foot down to the floor To give the guy the shake
    But the little Nash Rambler stayed right behind
    He still had on his brake He must have thought his car had more guts
    As he kept on tooting his horn
    I’ll show him that a Cadillac Is not a car to scorn

    My car went in to passing gear And we took off with gust And soon we were doing ninety
    Must have left him in the dust When I peeked in the mirror of my car
    I couldn’t believe my eyes The little Nash Rambler was right behind
    You’d think that guy could fly

    Now we’re doing a hundred and ten It certainly was a race
    For a Rambler to pass a Caddy Would be a big disgrace
    The guy must have wanted to pass me out As he kept on tooting his horn
    I’ll show him that a Cadillac Is not a car to scorn

    Now we’re doing a hundred and twenty As fast as I could go
    The Rambler pulled alongside of me As if we were going slow
    The fellow rolled his window down And yelled for me to hear
    “Hey buddy how can I get this car
    out… of… second gear!”

  4. Have no info on the origin of this song, but back in the early 60’s (I think), my husband had an ElDorado and I had a Nash Rambler station wagon. He was always getting stuck in the snow in his Cadillac and I pulled him out with my little Rambler Wagon. (he didn’t like the song too much, but I think it’s hillarious. Used to have it on a 45 record, but it’s long gone, darn it).

  5. Although, Beep-Beep was their biggest hit it was not their first. The playmates recorded Jo-Ann before Beep-Beep. It was a regional hit up in the Jersey area when it first came out.

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