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Time Machine – 1960s – Anita Kerr/Rod McKuen – Sunday – MP3


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Anita Kerr/Rod McKuen


The Earth


The collector writes: Rod McKuen, the poet and songwriter, collaborated on maybe 9-10 albums with Anita Kerr. This one, “The Earth”, was released in the late 60’s. You can’t find their albums in music stores anymore. Only one of the many McKuen/Kerr albums, to my knowledge, was ever released commercially on CD – “The Sea”.
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  1. I came across your site about Rod McKuen and his great albums – The Sea – The Earth – The Sky. You mentioned that you only knew of the Sea being on CD.
    They also released two others, The Soft Sea and Home To The Sea. They are as clean as The Sea is and can be found on several different places like
    We need to get Anita Kerr lot’s of mail to see if we can get her off her butt and release the other ones. They are all so good. I hate to see them just sit and never get onto CD.

  2. It’s great to hear Rod McKuen and Anita Kerr’s work digitized! I keep watching for them to turn up. The track here is not Sunday. It’s Earthquake, the one following Sunday on the album. Thought you should know.

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