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"Dear Dr.Coban and associates; I received my last order for a restoration and transfer and was extremely delighted at the results. The quality of my recordings is now excellent. All "pops" and "clicks" in the original recordings are gone, and I can now listen to my favorite music without being distracted by recording imperfections. Thank you ..."

Time Machine – 1960s – Dudley Moore – Home Thoughts From Abroad – MP3


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Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Paxton Whitehead

Some Thoughts From Abroad

Beyond The Fringe ’64


Four English chaps display their feeble understanding of America. Comedy sketch: proper, pompous, hilarious.
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  1. Yes, There is a fabulous new book The Collected writings of Peter Cook called Tragically I was an only Twin” I believe. These Cambridge and Oxford wits did two shows in London and on Broadway,, I believe this was in the second show. Dudley More and Peter cook went on to star in The Wrong Box and Bedazzled– two sixties Brit films.. You can now get a new releaseed The Complete Beyongd The Fringe.. 3 cd set.. Also look out for cd’s about Pete and Dud.. and Derek and Clive ( abit smutty) thes guys bridged hte comedy beytween The Goons on Bbc (Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan etc) and Monty Python

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