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"I received my c.d. today and had to let you and everyone else out there know how happy I am. I had an album that has been out of print for about 15 years. I always dreamed of finding someone out there who could magically turn this into a c.d. that I could listen to in my car and on my home stereo. When I found this company I rushed my album ..."

Time Machine – 1960s – Johnny Maddox – Asia Minor – MP3


From Album

Johnny Maddox

Asia Minor

Sabre Dance


The collector writes: A big regional hit in the early 60’s, but now virtually forgotten”
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  1. Johnny is one of (in my opinion) America’s foremost interpreters of Ragtime. He used to record for Randy Wood’s DOT label, and did a couple for Hamilton (Owned by Dot). In the seventies he did three LPs for Hugh Grant’s Paragon Records (Denver, Co) Most recently he made five LPs on his own under the name of Blythewood Records. He comes from Gallatin, Tenn., and winters in Florida. He is semi retired but still manages to play a couple months out of the year at Durango, Co. at the Diamond Belle Saloon. Including his 78s, and 45s we can count about 87 singles (including the very first Dot record) and 47 albums with a total sales of 11 million. His “Crazy Otto Medley” of 1955 sold 2 million and went gold. I am proud to count him among my friends.

  2. Johnny and I were good friends when he was in Alexandria, we share the same birth date, I am one year older. I would like very much to contact him. If you have an e-mail address please send it to me. And thanks very much for having him on your web site.

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