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Time Machine – 1970s – Danny Wilde – Body To Body – MP3


From Album

Danny Wilde

Body To Body

The Boyfriend


Great song!
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  1. Danny Wilde had three solo LP’S: “The Boyfriend”, “Any Man’s Hunger”, and “Danny Wilde”. All three are excellent albums. Danny Wilde than went to be a part of the Rembrandts, who had the hit song from the TV show “Friends” called “I’ll be there for you”.

  2. That song was written by (then) bassist Sig Emerson and Danny Wilde (real last name Thomas). I was the drummer in the video and tour, but on the album was Mr Mister’s (now with King Crimson) Pat Mastellato. It was a track from a solo album on Island Records which was offered as a deal to Danny only, even though Danny and guitarist Phil Solem were shopping together. Phil eventually left the band, but then later re-joined Danny to form the Rembrandts (Phil’s band in Minneapolis’ name at the time). Hey are still managed my Mr Mister’s management to this day, Mogol Entertainment/George Ghiz. I played on the Danny’s second solo CD, but left before the 3rd.

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