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"Over the years I had bought several rare LPs, because they were not available on CD and were unlikely to reissued any time soon. Unlike some vinyl aficionados, I don't particularly enjoy handling vinyl records. They're just too fragile compared to my sturdier CDs! As the years went by, I had accumulated an increasingly unwieldy LP collection ..."

Time Machine – 1970s – Jethro Tull – Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day – MP3


From Album

Jethro Tull

Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day

Bursting Out


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  1. Jethro Tull’s “Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day” was not released on the album “Bursting Out.” It was released on “Warchild” (1974).

  2. ‘Bursting Out’ was a 1978 live album, Skating Away was originally on the 1974 release ‘War Child’. Jethro Tull is still alive and well and have tour dates forthcoming.

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