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Time Machine – 1970s – Pluto/Carl Douglas – Kung-Fu Fighting – MP3


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Pluto/Carl Douglas

Kung-Fu Fighting



This is possibly a Caribbean version of a Disco song. Funny.
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  1. This track on your web site is not the original 1974 hit for Carl Douglas. Jamaican-born Carl Douglas was working with producer Biddu during 1974. ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ resulted when the need for a b-side to ‘I Want To Give You My Everything’. It is said that ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ only took 10 minutes to record, but it was the A&R department at Pye Records, that wisely changed the song to an a-side. The song went to the top of the charts in the UK and USA, as it tapped into the martials art interest of the time in the form of films and magazines. Carl Douglas was able to capitalise on this hit with a follow up song ‘Dance The Kung Fu’ which also charted. It was not until 3 years later that he was able to enter the UK top 30 with ‘Run Back’. Very little has been heard from him since then. Though ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ is widly covered by band that play 70’s covers. It also appears on several 70’s compilaton CD’s

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