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Time Machine – 1970s – Pluto/The Escorts – Sixpence – MP3


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Pluto/The Escorts




This is one of those songs where the established rhyme asks for a naughty word, but you don’t hear any of the naughty words because they are changed at the last instance. Have no idea what I meant? Listen to the song. By the way, is there a name for such a song? Funny.
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  1. The artist is PLuto Shervington and he is from Jamaica. I lived in Kingston Jamaica between July 1974 to July 1976. We have the album still that we bought when we lived there. The album is at my mother’s house in Oakville, while I am in Toronto. The next time I am in Oakville I will grab the record and get the exact year, etc. I remember the album was made in Jamaica and as a result it was very thick, and the audio quality was not that good. I understand that Pluto Shervington now lives in Miami. I hope this helps, and I would like to thank you as I have been hunting for an mp3 of this song for a while now.

  2. You can catch Pluto Shervington at the Miccosukee Indian Casino in Miami, FL every Sunday night and Monday nights except football season. He plays with his band who consists of Pluto (vocals, bass), a guitarist, keys, and his son Brian on the drums.

  3. I came across this site while searching on the net, and you asked to email if we have any info about the artist. Pluto is my father, and you are correct, he is currently living in Miami.

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