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"Ok then...excellent news that another batch has been completed. I am sorry though that some of the wires were not so easy to transfer, but I appreciate your descriptions of how/why this is the case. In addition, I understand why some wires required their own DC, because they are long, as opposed to putting two wires onto one CD. Thank you also ..."

Time Machine – 1970s – The Moody Blues – Emily’s Song – MP3


From Album

The Moody Blues

Emily’s Song

Every Good Boy Deserves Favour


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  1. I believe the song was written by John Lodge as a celebration for his daughter’s birth.

  2. Several years ago, i bought the cd “Every Good Boy Deserves Favour.” In an interview that came with the cd, John Lodge said he wrote the song “Emily’s Song” for his duaghter. This album was released in July of l97l, and reached number one on the album charts in the United Kingdom, and number 2 on the album charts in The United States. What makes this song great is the cello, and what sounds like a xylophone. “Every Good Boy Deserves Favour” means E,G,B, D, F: notes from the guitar.

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