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"I received my 3 CDs that you made from my cassettes. The sound quality was much better than I had expected. My songs had a lot of strings in them and a clear / high note sound was very important to me. Your CD copies kept the strings nice and clear with sharp tones just as I had wanted. Thanks, good job!! I also noticed where some LP pops and ..."

Time Machine – 1980s – Diesel – Sausalito Summernight – MP3


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Sausalito Summernight

Watts In A Tank


The collector writes: Sausalito Summernight was a “top 10” hit in 1981. The album was in the top 100 somewhere about the same time. I think it is one of the more fun albums in my collection.
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  1. All I know about Diesel is that they were a band from Holland and this is their 1 hit wonder. It peaked at 25 on the Billboard top 40 on Oct 17 of 1981.

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