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"Thank you, thank you! Consider the 8-track from which you had to work, the job you did restoring to CD was wonderful!!! I had searched for CD's for this particular artist for some time, and did not have any luck. How pleased I was to find a service such as yours. I'll be sending the other 8-tracks soon."

Time Machine – 1980s – Maynard Ferguson – Star – MP3


From Album

Maynard Ferguson


It’s My Time (cassette)


OUTSTANDING!!! A real treat!
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  1. Big band leader and former member of the Stan Kenton Big Band, Maynard Ferguson is a living legend known for his extreme high register and his promotion of music education in our schools. Other pieces by Ferguson, in the same exciting air of “Star”, is “Gonna Fly Now” and “Birdland”- his trademark piece. More info can be found in abundance at the many fan-sites all over the web.

  2. i was around 18 and a friend of mine turned me onto m.f. shortly after that he came to boston (where i lived at the time) and did the summer thing concert in the boston commons. either 72 or 73. it was a fantastic concert. m.f. is absolutely incredible. i played horn in school so i feel qualified to say he,s the best that ever was. he put down the trumpet picked a valve trombone w/out even cracking a note. ive seen some good horn players. but in my opinion he,s in a class of his own.

  3. He is still alive and doing well. He was scheduled to be in the Detroit area not long ago.

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