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Time Machine – 1980s – Unforgiven – Grace – MP3


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The Unforgiven


A rock version of Amazing Grace. Beautiful! The Unforgiven had a run lasting from 1985 to 1986(87?). They produced one album (The Unforgiven), one single, and one video.
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  1. The 6-piece Unforgiven was a great party band, they hovered around the Claremont Colleges in the mid 80s, especially Scripps College. I saw them 5 or 6 times at these small college parties with their rabid little cult following. I bought their album the day it came out and listened to it incessantly during the summer of 1986 (I think). Got it autographed by a couple of the band members when they stopped by a keg party at our dorm after a show one night, still dressed in their western garb. Just Jones apparently liked to put some flair in his autographs; he wrote some obnoxious stuff about my owing him money, and also autographed my friend’s copy of the album, thanking him for sexual favors or something. I thought it was hilarious, my friend was slightly less enthused.
    I remember seeing them on LiveAid, maybe the 2nd one…? They probably played All Is Quiet and their single “I Hear The Call” which was popular on the radio and on MTV for a couple weeks, which makes it all the more surprising to me that this is the first time I’ve ever been able to track down any reference to them or the album. I also remember them playing a party at Scripps the year after the album had been out, and they played a new song called “I Ain’t Gonna Cry” from a forthcoming album that apparently never saw the light of day. Not a bad tune, if memory serves, but it was always their ass-kicking versions of “Sweet Caroline” and “Grace” that brought the house down.
    In 1989, at an absurd Claremont College ritual known as the “Applebee Airband Party”, about 8 friends and I performed a meticulously choreographed “All Is Quiet” and “Cheyenne” dressed in quasi-western trenchcoats and using 2x4s as air guitars. Showed those younger punks what they had missed by being born a couple years too late. Some girl chased me down a few days later, begging me to borrow the album. She was kinda cute, as I remember, and I loaned it to her without even getting her name. Alas, I never saw her again, and more importantly, never got my (autographed) album back.

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