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"What a job! I received my original lp and the "rejuvenated " CD today. I was well worth the wait. I can't believe the marvelous job you did in restoring this old LP to a new CD. I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that you could restore and repair this rendering in the manner that you did. I am totally satisfied. At present I don't have ..."

Time Machine – Deep Past – W. C. Handy – St. Louis Blues – MP3


From Album

W. C. Handy

St. Louis Blues

River Bank Razzma Tazz


This song is played by a mechanical instrument named Coinola C-2.
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  1. Coinolas were made by the Operators Piano Company of Chicago. They played a piano roll known as a style “O” roll (the only coin-operated piano to use the “O” roll). These pianos are rarely found today but were common in the 1910 to 1927 period. They were coin operated and provided music in public places much like a jukebox. Many of the rolls had arrangements by black pianists from the south side of Chicago.

  2. I believe the coinola c-2 is just another type of nickelodeon player piano… (hence the ‘coin’ in coinola, like the ‘nickel’ in nickelodeon) it just features a piano and other auxiliary instruments. Often similar mechanical organs could be found in merry go rounds and other amusments…

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